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Nameless Offences: Homosexual Desire in the 19th Century
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Alternative Alamat: Stories Inspired by Philippine Mythology - Paolo Chikiamco,  Timothy James Dimacali,  Mo Francisco,  Raissa Rivera Falgui,  David Hontiveros,  Celestine Trinidad,  Dean Francis Alfar,  Andrei Tupaz,  Eliza Victoria,  Rochita Loenen-Ruiz,  Budjette Tan,  Raymond G. Falgui I am always a fan of stories based on myths and folklore, especially folklore that has been little explored in recent fiction like that of the Philippines. When I was eighteen years old I lived on Mindanao for a year, which was when I first encountered some of the original tales a few of these stories were based on, making them especially interesting to me. The anthology was at its best, I think, in the more modern retellings and adaptations, but there really wasn't a dud in the bunch.