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The Faceless Ones (Skulduggery Pleasant Series #3)

Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones - Derek Landy I can see, in an objective sort of a way, that this is a decent enough series. But even now, three books in, I haven't managed to really connect with any of the characters. I don't feel much of an investment in their successes or failures and, really, don't feel like I know them very well at all.The most interesting thing about this particular installment to me was the thread throughout it that it is not okay for a fourteen-year-old girl to be living her life like this. Not that Valkyrie is a convincing teenager, but it's interesting to have that aspect of her chosen life laid out so explicitly. Because it is quite, quite ridiculous and foolhardy and I'm interested to see where they go with that, at least.