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A Book of Tongues, Volume 1 of the Hexslinger Series

A Book of Tongues Volume 1 (The Hexslinger Series) - Gemma Files I really wanted to love this. I did. I tried. But I just didn't connect with it. The writing is solid, the premise and worldbuilding great, and it's exactly the sort of thing that I should have adored, on every level--from the setting to the system of magic to the central relationship--but it just left me cold. It's difficult to pinpoint just what didn't work for me, but I think it just had too much of some things (dialect, sex) and not enough of others (connective tissue, general flow), and I wasn't particularly drawn to any of the characters (thus far, as this is the first of a series and there is a lot of story left to tell). It worked for a lot of other people whose opinions I respect, but I guess it just wasn't a good fit for me.