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Deadline (Newsflesh Trilogy Series #2)

Deadline (Newsflesh Trilogy #2) - Mira Grant The overwhelming feeling I'm left with after reading this one is that it really could have used a thorough editing pass. There's a lot of unnecessary repetition and overlong exposition, often over things that ultimately were more cute or clever than necessary to the story. I didn't feel the characterizations as strongly as in the first book--a lot of people felt largely interchangeable, and there were chunks of dialogue that could have come from any of them. This probably sounds weird to say in a zombie novel where the main characters are targeted and on the run for most of it, but things were just too easy for them. Access to money and equipment was never, and has never been, a problem for any of them; more realistic obstacles might have made this a more interesting book overall. (And that's setting aside plot holes and all of the logistical worldbuilding questions that keep coming up was I read, such as access to raw materials and mass production.)And I have to say, I felt profoundly cheated by the coda. Probably the most interesting thing about the book for me was the relationship between Shaun and his dead sister (both the conversations--though having Shaun (and everyone around him) keep pointing out that he was probably crazy, and Shaun's singular reaction to said pointing out, got old fast--and the sexual overtones that came to light) and this not only undermined that, but also the end of the first book which I was so impressed with at the time. Killing your POV character was audacious. Bringing her back seems cheap.Which isn't to say that I'm not planning the final book. But I'm a lot less enthusiastic than I was before reading this one.